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Friday, February 4, 2011

Adoration on a Secular Campus

I know for some Christians when choosing what college to attend, a secular university doesn't even make the list. Everyone has their own preferences, things they choose to deal with and things they choose to bypass. 

For about a nano-second I considered Benedictine College in Atchison. It's a smaller college where a LARGE percentage of students there are Catholic and my oldest brother went there. I'm sure I would've done fine there but I don't think I would've faced the growth and challenges that I'm facing here at The University of Kansas.

Now being surrounded by Catholics is fantastic, I love it!

However, becuase we are children of God we are called to bring others TO Christ. What better opportunity to evangelize than to a campus of 30,000?

One Friday a month we have adoration on campus. That Friday just happened to be today. I woke up and my roommate was throwing a fit, she was mad at me and I was annoyed with her. I went into adoration with a cloudy head, not wanting to pray for anything in particular. Five minutes before I needed to leave for work a girl walked in that I'd never seen before.

(Not that I'm claiming to know everyone but I could recognize a large majority of the active Catholic's on campus, or at least the one's that go to St.Lawrence.)

I'd never seen this girl before. I don't know if she was Catholic or not. What I do know is that this girl had an opportunity to be with Jesus Christ today because of the St.Lawrence center. So that became my prayer for the last 5 minutes I was in adoration. That God would continue to use the St.Lawrence center to bring students to Him. And if it be His will that He begin to use me in a bigger way to bring others to HIM.

I'm not for sure exactly what it is that I'm asking of God, but now I've opened myself up to listening to the possibilities.


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