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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 4: A picture of a fun night

 (so many fun nights, so many fun pictures)

I've put them in chronological order, most recent first!
Dancing with the wedding party at my brother's wedding. They got married in the Catholic Church in the town that my great great great grandfather founded. It was such a special day/night for the whole family.
 St.Lawrence had a bonfire at the lake! Of course it turned in to a giant dance party like most of our get-togethers do, such a good memory!

Another St.Lawrence party! In May right before the end of the school year we had a Luau! Once darkness set in we headed over to the Campanile Hill and played Capture the Flag. Born in Kansas vs. Not Born in Kansas and OF COURSE Born in Kansas won! After the game we took a refreshing little swim in the Chi Omega fountain!
My first Halloween in college! I was bubblegum under a shoe! These girls are so great!
Haha this picture may not make much sense to you! This was one of my first nights hanging out with friends in college. We played a game called paper pictionary. You write down something on a piece of paper and then pass it around the circle. The next person is supposed to draw a picture of what is written. It goes back and forth between drawing and writing what you see until it gets back to the person it started with. This picture started out as "ice ice baby" and ended up as two people burning on a stove. We drew all of the crazy ones up on our friends garage wall with chalk.
A memory NOT from college. My Senior year dance recital. This was the beginning of our tap dance to Mountain Music. This whole night was magical (except for spraining my ankle jumping off the stage right at the beginning, that was bad).
My sophomore year of high school. If you're not of Junior/Senior status that you can't go to prom, so the sophomore's are in charge of cleaning up prom while the juniors and seniors go to after-prom. This was our after prom clean up party oh so early in the morning and while we were making breakfast we decided to start a band and go on tour in colorado! Haha!

When I started this post I didn't think it would pertain to my life as a 'Daughter of God'. Now that I've traveled down memory lane I've realized that God is the only reason that I have all of these great memories. He has blessed me so much with the friends and opportunities that I've had in my life.

I wonder if what I'm doing here with these pictures and memory lane is what we'll do with God in Heaven.  If He'll show us around Heaven and we'll sit and tell Him our stories, our favorite memories, and He can tell us what they mean. And then maybe He'll tell us His favorite parts as well!


blessedmomto8 said...

I LOVE reading your blog and am SO PROUD of the wonderful young lady you have become in the Lord! LOVED seeing this pic with Brooke in it and reflecting back, wishing you were still little girls! You grew up fast!

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