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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lord of the dance

My Lord is a Lord of dancing. Never was it made so clear to me than tonight.

A very large group of friends/acquaintances from St.Lawrence had a plan tonight to go country swing dancing at a local place. When we got there we were disappointed to see that they were closed for maintenance.

However this could not stop us! We just moved the party to a friends house. We were swing dancing in the living room, dining room AND the kitchen. We line danced and twirled and swirled and dipped.

It wasn't until the end of the night when a friend sitting beside me on the couch started singing Lord of the Dance that I realized God's hand in all of this.

There's a line in the song saying 'I will lead you all wherever you may be I will lead you all in the dance said He' that really stood out to me.

God led me to this amazing group of people. When I came to college I had a completely different plan for myself. God took the 'wherever you may be' line in that song and really used it!! HE led me to St.Lawrence, to these amazing people, and ultimately back to Him.

Tonight if it weren't for God in my life who knows what I would've been doing. Even if I would've been dancing, it definitely wouldn't have been for God.

I am so blessed by our Lord and I pray that you reading this may see God in your lives in ways you haven't before!
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donn4bill said...

Hi. Just saying hello and letting you know I checked out and appreciate your blog and your attitudes.

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Cassi@FromaCatholicDaughter said...

Thank you guys for reading! I really do appreciate it so much!

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