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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 11: A picture of something you [hate] really really really dislike.

Well I know you're not supposed to hate so when I was little my mom would always tell me that I don't hate anything. So I would always come back with the every intelligent "Fine, I really really really really really dislike ______!" Brilliant right?

I've compiled a list, in order of importance as to how much I really really dislike this particular thing.

Onions. I hate really really dislike onions.


You may be looking at this picture thinking 'well he doesn't look to scary, how evil can he be?'. and that's the problem. If the devil looked as dangerous as he is we wouldn't be so drawn to him. He knows our weaknesses and comes after them. He is not going to scare us away by showing us who he truly is. That's one of the reasons he's so easy to hate. He draws us away from our true God and from Jesus Christ. Satan likes to convince us to sin and once we've sinned he uses our pride to tell us that God cannot forgive us, that what we've done against him is too big. Take comfort in knowing that nothing is too big for God to forgive if only you'll give Him the chance.

I actually own the shirt in the picture above. To all of you reading this that are from Missouri. I'm sorry. Please don't stop reading my blog because of this post! :) I've been bleeding crimson and blue for as long as I can remember. I think I popped out of the womb hating Missouri. It's a Kansas thing, it's impossible to like both Kansas and Missouri at the same time, and if you're lucky enough to be born a Jayhawk than God has blessed you!


blessedmomto8 said...

Satan, the ultimate deceiver! I dislike him greatly too & agree with you on the Missouri thing 100% BUT HOWEVER cannot agree on onions, OH HOW I LOVE ONIONS!

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