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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 16: A picture of someone who inspires you

Aren't they just too cute?! These are my grandmas! They're both very different but inspiring none the less.

In the white on the left is my Grandma Elaine (she's my mama's mama). She raised 5 sons and a daughter(you've gotta be like superwoman to be able to handle MY uncles!). She's mama to 6, grandmama to 12, grandmama in-law to 6, and great grandmama to 13.

She was the grandma that lived in 'town', the grandma that I spent my summers with, she took me shopping and swimming and fed me lunch. I slept on her couch/in her chair after summer weights, volleyball/softball/cheer practices, and 2-a-days, when I was too tired/sore to even breathe. She supplied me with frozen Snickers and endless amounts of icy-pops!

She's a beautiful Catholic, I'm hard pressed to find a day when this Grandmama isn't in church, at mass, helping with the ladies circle, praying a rosary or feeding someone.  Plus have I mentioned that she makes the best fried chicken known to man?! Now that's something to aspire to! 

On the right is my Grandma LaVada [Lavada, not said like Nevada, the 2nd a is long] (she'd be my daddy's mama). Doesn't she have the coolest name?

This woman is the strongest person I've ever met, I'd pick her vs. anyone any day, and she's just so tiny and cute! I'm amazed by her strength and her determination and how hard of a worker she is. She's a farmers wife and a farmer herself. I don't know the logistics but I do know that she helped custom harvest for a large part of her life with my grandpa. She's also an entrepreneur, as if she didn't have enough stuff on her plate, she's a florist and owns her own shop! 

If it were up to her she'd never ask for anyone's help but God's. When she needed her roof shingled a couple years ago guess who thought she was gonna get up there and help? She's 80! I'm young and I didn't want to help!

I'm not sure she has a mean bone in her body, she does everything with the sweetest intentions. My mom always says that she couldn't have asked for a better mother in-law and I would probably agree with that. What a beautiful strong Catholic woman God has given to this world, I'm so glad that He put her in mine.


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