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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 19: A picture and a letter

So... I'm going to take a little bit of creative liberty here and NOT write a letter, which I think is what is expected. Instead I'm going to put a picture of letters (like from the alphabet) that I took. I think that's way more fun anyways!

These are presents that I made for some of my family members for Christmas. I had so much fun making these, taking a camera out and looking for objects that could resemble the letter I needed. In case you were wondering what each letter is I'll explain below:


F- Part of an old rail bed
I- A golf ball on a tee 
T- A croquet mallet 
Z- The 'N' on the tailgate of an old truck 
G- The iron railing from my Grandma's house 
E- A deer antler 
R- An old water pump 
A- A tree 
L- My Dad's cowboy boot 
D- A giant log


S- The S hook on a swing
M- Archways from a 19th century home
I- A nail in a wood beam
T- A croquet mallet
H- A 'little tikes' kids chair


The Frat Pack + Me said...

What a great gift! And what a sweet blog you have here! I am with you...attending Mass @ St. Peter's is on my list too :)

Cassi@FromaCatholicDaughter said...

Thank you! It's really pretty easy to do any my brother and sister both loved it!

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