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Friday, January 21, 2011

March 4 Life!

First can I just tell you that I. LOVE. BABIES!!!

I'm so excited as tomorrow I will begin my 4th pilgrimage to our nations capital to march for the rights of aborted children all over this great nation. If you haven't picked up on this already I'm a student at The University of Kansas.

Here at KU I've become very involved in the St.Lawrence Catholic Campus Center. A group of 100 students/advisors will be taking 2 charter buses on 24 hour trips to Washington D.C. this weekend to SAVE. THE. BABIES!!!

The March for Life happens in D.C. every year on the Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade which was a court case which ruled in favor of making Abortion legal. When I think of all of the lives that have been murdered in this careless way it hurts my heart.  These children are gifts from God, at the moment of conception he has named them and knows what the color of their eyes will be and if they'll be Jayhawks or Wildcats (not all of us can be perfect).

It's important to understand that as Catholics we shouldn't judge those women that have had abortions in their lives, we should pray for them and welcome them back to God's family with open arms. Which is something I will be doing a lot of this weekend, and I ask that you do it with me. If you're looking for some extra help I suggest praying for the intercession of

St. Catherine of Sweden


St. Gianna Beretta Molla.

BOTH Saints whose patronage is against abortion.

I will also urge urge URGE you to take the time and discover the story of Gianna Jessen (a pro-life activist and the SURVIVOR of a Saline Abortion). I took the time to start reading her book over the pilgrimage last year and I promose that you won't be disappointed with what you discover. Visist her website here:


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