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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's not always going to be easy being a daughter of God.

We arrived in D.C. today! This city is truly one of my favorites. This is my 5th trip here and everytime I come back I get excited all over again. God has done so many great things in my life from this very city and everytime I come He reveals to me something more.

This trip He's been reminding me of what it takes to be His daughter. Coming with 100 people is a very cool experience but not all of us mesh perfectly together. It can sometimes be a struggle to treat everyone like a child of God when you're on a bus for 24 hours but we figure it out.

This trip also brought a reunion with an ex of a sort (for the fun of it let's call him Trig) We never had the healthiest relationship when we were together and we haven't had the healthiest relationship since those times 2.5 years ago either. God used my reunion with Trig to reveal to me how far we've come and how much we've both grown in Him. I now understand that my quest in life is to bring others closer to Christ. Our old relationship was definitely driving a wedge in our relationship w God. Our new friendship is based in Him. I'm a Roman Catholic and he doesn't understand my devotion to Mary or why we have a Pope. He's a biblical Christian and I struggle with the lack of tradition and the belief that the bible is the only thing. I'm not saying that the bible is nothing but I can't imagine living the rest of my life without receiving Christ in the Eucharist.
These differences can make for some really good conversation and also for a little defensiveness and hurt on my part. (I'm pretty emotional and care deeply for my religion)
This was his first time in DC as a tourist so we took a nighttime tour of the Lincoln, WW2, Vietnam, and Korean war memorials and also snuck a lot of catching up in there. When we were done we headed over to Georgetown (4 previous trips and I've never been can you believe that?) Grabbed some Chipotle, ran into some ppl I came here with, saw Georgetown Cupcakes where the show DC Cupcakes is filmed! (sadly they were closing and I didnt get to try one), we did a little window shopping, grabbed some coffee in Starbucks and spent practically an hour talking/walking around Barnes and Noble. It was bitter sweet to say goodbye but my time with Trig was great.
God has truly blessed me and today it was overwhelmingly clear. He has given me a supportive family at home and a beautiful church family from St. Lawrence. He forgives my sins and brings me to DC so that I can be a voice for the unborn. He's blessed me with some whirlwind friendships and beautiful memories.

So before I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. I pray that he helps me with my friendship struggles, continues to bless all of the pilgrims on this journey and I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for all he has revealed to me today.

I ask only one thing of you, please join me tonight in praying for an end to abortion.

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