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Friday, April 8, 2011

There's Something Missing

Yesterday was Thursday and the first time that I saw my roommate all week, which as you may very well know was fine by me.

She recently confided in me that she had gotten in a fight with her dad over the amount of money she had been spending on things that didn't matter at school. I of course, sided with the dad on this one. Eating out 3 times a day when you've already paid for food through school, driving a mile out of your way to get a drink from QuikTrip before every class and making it a habit to spend upwards of $50 at Target every other day is grounds for my strong opinion on that.

When she came home yesterday toting 3 shopping bags I just had to turn around and roll my eyes. The words that continued out of her mouth went something like this (my thoughts in quotations):
I've had the worst week ever, I had to go to the hospital because there's something wrong with my back so now I'm on a bunch of medication. So that's why I haven't been here all week because I've been at home because that bed's more comfortable. I crashed my car and now I'm gonna have to get it fixed next week so I won't be able to drive all next week because it'll be in the shop(as the roommate in this situation I'm really looking forward to that, not. I may just have to find somewhere else to be all next week). My boyfriend (of like 3 weeks) broke up with me (for like the 3rd time) and so I went out and bought a new pair of high heels(she's not supposed to wear heels because she had surgery on her foot) a new outfit, and hair dye so that I could 'get him back' but I'm gonna make him work for it(yeah like she made him work for everything else?).
And I just couldn't help but think to myself; There is something missing in this girls life, and it's actually quite sad. What can you do when you see someone who doesn't know their own selfworth? Someone who reduces themselves to who their boyfriend is at the time, what they can buy or what they can do to make themselves a hotter commodity? In a trying time in her life like this week, when everything under the sun seemed to be going wrong she turned to material things. But how much more comforted would she feel if she turned to God? For Him to hold her in His arms and be reassured that everything woud be just fine. Christ loves her just as she is. Christ loves her a heck of a lot more than I even like her. But I guess that's the beautiful thing. I just wish she could see it, I want her to know how much she is loved just because she is her. She doesn't need to buy new outfits and dye her hair. She doesn't need cheetah print high heels, a fixed car or even a boyfriend because no matter what happens, no matter what she does, Christ will always love her.


Julie Robison said...

Definitely needs to discover her own self-worth. People like to disguise themselves with confidence that their purchases will ease the pain. My best advice is to witness love. Witnesses has so much power; and in all things, charity. :) I'll be praying for her! And you-for patience... situations like that are sticky!!

Allie said...

amen! what an amazing opportunity though for you to be a witness of His love through your actions and patience. i'm glad i found your blog!

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