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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Greatest Voice God Uses May Be Your Own

I promised her a shout out, but I'm almost certain she wasn't expecting an entire post about her: Hi Lillie!

I saw my friend Lillie the other day! Yeah, that story isn't so great. 

Lillie was my neighbor in our all girls dorm my freshman year. We both hated that dorm and neither of us were particularly fond of our roommates although hers was light years better than mine was. (What is it with me and roommates?) Lillie was the best neighbor I've ever had. There was no point in locking our doors when we were home because every 5-10 minutes or so one of us would be visiting the other. Lillie was supportive of my being involved in St.Lawrence and although she wasn't Catholic or particularly religious she never once thought less of me because of it. Now I don't know this for sure but I'd like to think that she respected me more for it. I'd go to daily mass occasionally and leave her for hours and hours on end Sunday evenings to go to Mass, Sunday supper and classes. 

So back to my story...I saw Lillie the other day at a KU baseball game on Friday night. I was there with a big group of friends from St.Lawrence and I thought I saw her on the other side of the bleachers. I creeped on her for awhile until I realized I was being creeped on right back. That pretty well describes our relationship. 

I don't get to see Lillie a lot anymore, we're both busy doing our own things, which is great. But thank GOD for social networking. Lillie and I have the ability to 'creep' on each other all the time thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

God uses all of us in unique ways in every different facet of life. If we're lucky enough, He let's us see how He's using us. 

Lillie made her way over to chat after the baseball game and we caught up a little and then she mentioned that she'd been reading my blog, this very one you're reading right now. I guess I don't truly know how serious she meant this when she said it but the words are still ringing in my ears. She re-mentioned that she's not Catholic or very religious and then added:

 'but it makes me believe in Jesus'

And then it hits you like a ton of bricks. This blog isn't mine, it's His. It's His way of using me.


Lillie said...

CASSI. omgsh THANK YOU. you were the best neighbor ever too. and I didnt mind you leaving, except that I'd always be so lonely. I'm so glad I got to see you!! SERIOUSLY I AM SO EXCITED. told ya I read it.

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