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Friday, April 15, 2011

They've Opened Up, Unsure They Can Trust

So, I've recently become obsessed with the movie Burlesque. Mostly it's the music that draws me in, the soul in Christina Aguilera's voice gives me goosebumps. But there's this part, this part that just really bothered me about the 5th time I watched it. Christina's character and the male lead have just hooked up and this song comes on: 

I had to put my two cents in on the lines that just really irked me. Feel free to do the same!

I've opened up, unsure I can trust
Well duh! Of course you're unsure you can trust him. You're not married to him, so it's very possible that he could use you and lose you, but you're still so very willing to give him everything that you have. Marriage allows you to trust, you've already made the vows, you're in it for life, you have to trust.

If you walk away I will suffer tonight
It's a very realistic fear because of our society's view of how 'casual' sex is. But if it were truly that casual there wouldn't be suffering when it ends badly. I don't suffer when I've gone to a movie and the movie ends. That is casual.

I am bound to you
Because the act of sex binds you to another person. Sex is a promise, one that's supposed to be made in marriage, saying that you give yourself to this other person completely. An act bound in the hopes of a child. Bound in that child. So it's true, you are bound to them, but you're bound to them without a promise and that's a scary thing.
Please don't tear this apart
Also a very reasonable fear if you're not committed to this person in marriage. You shouldn't have to beg the person you're with not to tear it apart.

It makes me really sad to realize that this truly is how we view having sex with someone. It's such a personal act yet a lot of people don't treat it that way and they end up scared, hurt, suffering. Oh if there were one thing that I could get across to this generation, my generation, it would be that they are worth so much more than their bodies. And if they would only wait, there is so much more out there for them that they just can't see yet. There's fear and hurt and suffering that can be avoided by following God's will. But more than that there's true joy and love.


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