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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member.

Let me introduce you to my youngest 1st cousin MaKenna

I remember when she was born, I was a 7th grader and it was the same night as one of my brothers Senior football games. She was born premature and her birth was both very joyful and very scary. I only have 3 younger 1st cousins (we're at the bottom of the lot) and I wasn't old enough to remember the other 2 so this was my first real experience with a family member being born. I could NOT wait.

She's just about the most adorable thing you've ever seen. I'm asked quite often if MaKenna is my niece. Sadly she isn't but she doesn't have to be my niece for me to love her like one. The 13 years between us doesn't separate much as we practically share the exact same hair color, skin color, freckles and light eyes. 

It's funny when my nieces Addison and London come to visit and MaKenna comes out to see everyone how messed up people will get telling MaKenna to go ask 'Aunt Cassi' something. Especially when it's my Grandma or Mom!

As much as she loves to spend the night with us I probably love having her spend the night with me even more. At that age everything is so fun, everything is an experience. Creativity is booming and the world is a fabulous place. Board games are never ending and with this little one I don't even have to lose on purpose because she can put up a pretty fair fight, especially in Sorry! 

I love getting to come home and watch her dance, especially because that's something that I used to do. She's got an arm like a rocket and can throw a ball better than I could at her age. We've got a lot in common this little one and I. We were raised in the age where boys dominate the family (when you have 5 uncles it seems like guys are just always around) so we're a little bit girly but a whole lot messy.


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